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Kyera Swint, LMFT

Group Facilitator; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Kyera Swint's specialties include trauma work and working with the LGBTQ+ population. Her most recent experience includes working with pre-adolescent and adolescent youth within an intensive residential setting. Intensively trained in DBT, she also works to successfully assist clients, in both an individual and group setting, with better regulating their emotions as well as implementing healthy and effective skills in which to cope and build resiliency.

"Just as I will learn the many facets of you through our therapeutic journey, my hope is that you discover more about yourself in the process. While your goals within treatment may fluctuate over time, my role will forever be the same. I am here to support.  When things are difficult, I am here to assist you in working through it. When things are wonderful, I am here to challenge you to new heights. Your therapy will always be collaborative, as you are the expert of your life. I want you to be proud of the work that you do within treatment."

Kyera Swint, LMFT
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