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Iain Halsted, LCSW

Clinical Director; Group Facilitator and Individual DBT Therapist

Originally from London England, Iain (pronounced the same as Ian) has worked in all

areas of the mental health field. He became interested in DBT after recognizing that

clients needed more than one hour of therapy a week if they wanted to make big

changes in their lives.

Iain has been intensively trained in DBT by Marsha Linehan and her team at

Behavioral Tech of Seattle, by Shari Manning of Treatment Intensive Collaborative

and by Alec Miller, author of the DBT Skills Manual for Adolescents. He is currently an

active member of a DBT consultation team.

As adjunct therapies that support the work of DBT, Iain has been trained in DBT

Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD as well as Cognitive Processing Therapy for

PTSD. In addition, he has also trained with Drs. Aaron and Judith Beck in the

treatment of anxiety disorders.

"Working with people is my passion. I understand how hard it can be to get out of bed

sometimes, and how overwhelming it can be to ride the roller coaster of your emotions

day after day. However, I can help. This is a therapy designed to change your life. It

puts you back in control of your own mind, it helps you make the best decisions, and it

lets you get back to living the life you want to live. DBT works!"

Iain Halsted, LCSW
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