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What are the Objectives of DBT?

In this DBT IOP, you will learn the four core DBT skills that the treatment has to offer. Each module has specific objectives and goals:

DBT Emotional Regulation Skills:

Understanding emotion

Learning ways to increase more of the emotions you desire

Learning how to make yourself less vulnerable to unwanted emotions

Problem Solving

DBT Distress Tolerance Skills:

Crisis survival skills

How to reduce life threatening urges quickly

How to reduce intensity of your emotions quickly

Radical acceptance skills


DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills:​

How to ask for what you want/need without feeling guilty

Maintaining your self respect

Maintaining healthy relationships 

Setting limits

Learning how to find a synthesis while in a conflict

Finding a Middle Path


DBT Mindfulness Skills:​

Taking control of your mind

Increasing awareness in the present moment

Tolerating difficult emotions and thoughts without judgement

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