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What is DBT:

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, commonly known as DBT, an evidence-based therapy to help you gain relief from distressing emotions, suicidal and self-harming urges. The population we serve are clients that are struggling with suicidal behavior, self harm behavior, clients with eating disorder behavior such as binging, purging and restricting foods. We specialize in treating disorders such as depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, bipolar all through the lens of DBT.

A “dialectic” is finding the synthesis between two opposing points of view to create balance. DBT’s main goal is to teach clients new behaviors while building a life worth living. It teaches clients how to regulate their emotions, tolerate their stress level so that they can progress through life, mindfulness skills, and interpersonal effectiveness skills.

As your mental health counselors, you will have 24/7 phone coaching to us to get "on the spot coaching" when you are in a crisis or feeling a highly distressing emotion.

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